Test before delivery or launch

Benefits of QA software testerA  QA software tester gives the confidence required by the Developer that their software application is free of bugs.  Every Developer routinely checks their code for accuracy and faults but when these blocks of code are assembled to create a functionality they could behave differently.  In this case, the maxim ” the whole is greater than the sum of its parts ” does not apply.  Multiple programmers may be committing to the same code depository to get a build for an application.  Due to differences in methodology,  personality traits, tools and  environment,  bugs can emerge at the very onset of the application.  A quality engineer can help achieve a fault-free software by meticulously performing a quality check.  This third party check provides an objective approach as the tester is not familiar  with the build and is totally alien to the Developer team culture and routines.  This lack of familiarity, independence of  domain and remoteness helps the IT tester overcome complacency, oversights and correction fatigue.

An IT  quality engineer  brings the assurance a product owner needs to accept a finished IT product.  As an outsourced from, they have an external opinion that doesn’t align to the routine loyalties and biases of the Development company.  The QA software tester is therefore able to align well with the end user of the software application and reach a  more practical conclusion about he suitability of product for its intended purpose.  In many cases, there is an added advantage of testing he software outside the Development environment which may be artificially induced to suppress errors or unintended operations.  An open, liberal and basic configuration allows the software tester to  operate the software in its mundane form to be able to observe, document and report on its efficiency.

QA software tester is needed by both the Developing team and the  beneficiary.  Both stakeholders need to assure themselves that what they are sending or receiving is fit for purpose so there is no embarrassment or disappointment on either side of the “IT” equation.

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