Why hire an independent qa engineer

Benefits of freelance software testerA freelance software tester has comparable knowledge to one hired by a  company or Agency.  So hiring one to perform your website or mobile application testing  does not derive you of any expertise knowledge.  Of course, engaging a  freelancer for your software qa confers a lot of benefits.

The Client makes a lot of savings in terms of cost of services. A freelance charges much less  than a company.  A carefully outsourced individual can charge between 50 to 70 percent lower than a company for the same level of quality of service.  an independent qa engineer has less formalities, protocols and bureaucracies so the project cycle is shorter; resulting in time savings for the Client. A freelance qa tester engages with their client on a less formal basis. This format of engagement allows greater flexibility for the client to discuss project matters in a friendly atmosphere.  The Owner is able to talk directly with the tester without an intermediary manager who may not be able to accurately  communicate technical details to the quality engineer.  A multitalented individual will bring all his expertise to bear on the project for the benefit of he Owner whereas as an employee he would be working in a single role  with limited input . A freelancer test engineer works flexible hours so the project owner can conveniently establish contact about urgent matters or emerging priorities.  A freelancer adapts easily to client preferences which helps soothe Clients for a successful project.  A freelancer test engineer could offer multiple payment methods to clients including cash payments  whereas a Company may insist on only a fixed number of methods. Lastly, a freelancer works in a nomad mode and not fixed to an office location. He can therefore keep attending to your project even when he changes location.  This ability assures faster completion of projects and enhanced response to Client concerns.

A Freelance software tester has enormous benefits for project owners.  Both start ups and established companies will derive enormous technical, administrative, financial and operational  advantage from engaging outsourced testers.

To hire an individual tester for  your software application, please visit this page.

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